Patchwork Cat | About Us
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About Us

As a husband and wife team the time has come to turn our hobby of many years into a business. Our restoration and crafting skills have evolved with our passion at finding the old and unwanted and turning it into something that can be used and loved for many more years to come.

Sometimes the pieces we find have a known history, sometimes they are just a mystery.

There is no rhythm or rhyme to the types of furniture chosen so we often present an eclectic mix. Usually a piece will just jump out at us to be taken and all too often it is hard to part with it again. Sometimes pieces are ‘Antique’, sometimes they are someone else’s ‘Junk’.

All pieces of furniture are restored, and if necessary upholstered, to our own taste and the feeling we get from each piece, therefore each finished product is individual and this design is never repeated.

You are confident that your purchase becomes a ‘one and only’.

We regularly travel through Europe from a base in Southern Italy through to North Yorkshire in England and over the years we have been asked to find treasures along the way. Due to demand we now take commissions on ‘finds’ and ‘designs’. Please use the contact page to express your requests and we will happily try to help.